Mid-Atlantic Multifamily

U.S. apartment communities are a highly liquid asset class that provide investors with stable cash flows, abundant debt financing, and unique portfolio diversification benefits.

Lagging only the office sector, apartment investments represent the second-largest share of institutional real estate holdings and over the past quarter century, the sector has established itself as having the best track record for risk-adjusted returns and valuable diversification impacts on real estate portfolios.

Resilient - Even when considering the short-term pressures associated with the recent recession, apartment fundamentals are expected to remain strong on a cumulative basis over the next decade, with anticipated demand dramatically outpacing projected new supply to create favorable revenue growth conditions.

Consistent - Fulfilling the basic human need for shelter, apartments have more consistent demand than other property types as well as much shorter leasing cycles. With one-year leases on average, apartment operations are extremely responsive to price changes and this sensitivity helps maintain pricing levels that are consistently close to equilibrium.

Simple is Better

Follow the Jobs - We seek investments in markets that have been the first to emerge from the recent recession and are positioned to generate significant job growth.

Vacancy First - We focus on markets in fiscally sound States and Jurisdictions that are demonstrating the strongest levels of job growth and thus positioned for the most rapid decreases in market vacancy.

High Barrier Locations - Our strategy is concentrated within markets that posses the highest barriers to entry and thus embody natural supply constraints that drive high replacement costs and limited new competition.

Generating Alpha

We target high quality investment opportunities in major U.S. Gateway Cities and their associated Edge Cities that have positive real estate fundamentals and growing economies.

Our investment pipeline consists of assets in strong residential rental markets with declining vacancy rates, limited new supply, and notable advancements in operating fundamentals.

We pursue well-located apartment communities that are soundly positioned to benefit from light unit interior renovations, exterior enhancements, and operational improvements via more efficient property management and proactive asset management. Our investments exhibit the highest institutional qualities, lowest risk profiles, are well located, and provide the most luxurious resident experiences available to the market.

We target communities that are highly occupied by high-income residents, produce steady cash flows, and are financed with conservative LTV thresholds. These investments are generally positioned to be held for much longer investment periods and are acquired with an underlying willingness to own the assets indefinitely due of their stable cash flows and superior physical and geographical qualities.

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